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Related post: Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 02:07:18 -0400 (EDT) From: J.P.G. Subject: Regrets and Heartaches: Chapter 5{Regrets and Heartaches is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are a underage, (according to your state laws as a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.This story cannot be distributed in anyway, shape or form without my expressed consent. I will like to give a shout out to a reader that has helped me with ideas full on teen porn where the story is, thank you!}Written by J.P.G. Chapter 5Joey couldn't get any sleep once he got home and into his bed. He tossed and turned all night long. amiture teen porn He pulled himself out of bed and got ready for work. He barely said a word to Fran and Alan as he grabbed a pop tart and headed out the door.On the way to pick up Caleb, Joey couldn't stop thinking about what his mother told him the night before. If what she said is true, it can cause a lot of trouble for him. He needs to get teen lezbien porn in front of a judge quickly. With the recent beating Dominic did to him, he can show a pattern in the family and hope that the judge will take away his parental rights as well.Joey didn't get out of the truck when he drove up to Caleb's house. Instead he honked several times and waited for Caleb to come out. Instead of Caleb coming out of the house, Helen did. She waived Joey over, but yelled out to her."That is ok ma'am; I am running a little late. If you can tell Caleb that I am waiting for him I would appreciate it."Joey rolled back up the window as Helen walked back in. A few minute later, Caleb came running out putting on his jacket. He jumped into the truck and leaned in to kiss Joey. Joey returned a quick kiss and drove off.Just like at the house with Alan and Fran, Joey didn't say a word to Caleb. He is thinking on what had happened the night before. He is trying to find a solution to a new problem that came out of no where.All day at work, Joey stayed in his own little world. He didn't speak to anyone fat teen gril porn unless the person asked him a question. Even then, Joey just gave short answers, like yes or no, to who ever are talking to him. Caleb caught it, and couldn't help but start to worrying.An hour before Joey and Caleb got off, Joey walked up to Caleb. "Caleb I have a lot of things to do after work and I don't know what time I will get done. I am not heading towards your house, so I was wondering. Can you get a ride home with your mother tonight? I know it is a short notice and all.""Don't worry; I can always catch a ride home with my mother. Are you sure I cannot help you with what ever is going on Joey?""Thanks, but I am sure there is nothing you can do. I just need to take care of a lot of crap that I would not feel right pulling you in on. My life is a mess and I need to find a way to fix everything I screwed up."Joey leaned in and kissed Caleb before heading back to what he was doing. Right at four, Joey clocked out and flew out the door without saying anything to Caleb. He jumped into his truck, but instead of doing errands like he told Caleb he needed to do. He headed back to the rest stop where he was the night before.Joey started to drown himself into work. Asking for every available shift he can get his hands on. When he isn't working, he goes to the rest stop. Not able to sleep or eat at all, Joey just gave up on sleeping and eating all together. Joey kept banging his head against the wall on what his mother told him about his uncle.By Saturday, Helen started to notice the black bags underneath Joey's eyes. She also noticed how Joey closed himself off to everyone. He stopped picking up her son for work on Thursday and stopped taking him home since Wednesday. She knows there is something wrong and what ever it is. It is big that she needs to step in.That evening Helen waited for her family to head to bed. She knocked on Caleb's door and waited to hear him invite her in. Once he did, Helen walked in. She looked around the room as she headed to sit on the bed hot young teen pussy next to her son."Caleb I know how it is to be a teenager. Remember I was once a teenager before and had my first crush. I never wanted to tell my parents anything because I felt they were the enemy. They would never understand where I was coming from. I tried to build a bridge with you and your sister that you could come and talk with me about anything.I am getting very worried about Joey, Caleb. There is something going on in his life right now and it isn't good. He is looking very tired and sick. He doesn't talk with anyone anymore, Caleb. He doesn't pick you pimp my teen porn up for work or take you home from work anymore. He doesn't even call here or I don't see you on the phone with him anymore.I need you to tell me what is going on with him. I want porn teen gallery to try to help him if I can. You two are in love with each other and I can see that. Still, whatever is going on in his life is eating him up. I don't think he can continue this way much longer."Caleb looked at his mother trying to figure out ameture teen porn what he can say without breaking Joey's trust. He crawled out of bed and sat next to his mother. Helen grabbed a hold of Caleb's hand and squeezed it. Caleb could see in her eyes that she is very worried about Joey."Mom I don't know what I can say and not say. I really love Joey and I don't want to loose him, but mom." Caleb started to cry as he tried to talk. "I really think I am loosing him right now. He doesn't want to talk with me or anyone.""Caleb I know you are hurting and I don't understand why you didn't come to me. I love you so much Caleb. If you are uncomfortable talking to me on certain things, you can talk with your father. Please tell me what is going on, what ever it is. I know it happened somewhere at the beginning of the week after Christmas."Caleb started to mumble as he told his mother everything. "Mom his mother is really causing him a lot of problems. I don't know how Joey survived this long with a mother like that. She really hates him mom, really hates him." Caleb got up from the bed and started walking back and illegal black teen porn forth in the room."After work on Tuesday Joey and I walked out to his truck. His mother and uncle were waiting for him. His nude teen movie uncle tried to get rid of me, but Joey stood up for me. They turned their attention to him. The words they said were very hurtful.They told Joey that the guy he has called his father all his life isn't his father. Instead, his father is actually his uncle. Josh refused to believe that and got into the truck. His uncle threatened as they were leaving that this isn't over." Caleb sat back down next to his mother and looked her straight ion the face."Mom I teen porn gallereis am very worried for Joey. I could see it in his face he is very worried about that threat. Mom he is going to kill himself over this, I know it. He isn't going to commit suicide, but the worries are going kill him.""I don't want you to worry about this Caleb, don't worry about this. Your father and I are going to take care of this. I promise Caleb that we are going to take care of this for you and Joey. He doesn't deserve what is going on in his life right now."Helen stayed with Caleb until he had fallen asleep. yong teen gay porn When Caleb finally went to sleep, Helen left his room and walked over to hers and her husbands. Harold stayed up to see what Helen found out from her son."Helen what did Caleb tell you? Do we need to be worried for him and Joey?""Harold we have something to worry about. Our son is hurting really bad, but it is not anything that Joey did. Joey is going through..."Helen sat on the bed and explained everything to her husband. As she explained what Caleb had told her to her husband, he couldn't help on getting madder and madder. Just as Helen finished, Harold had porn teen rape gotten out of the bed. Just like Caleb, he started walking from one side of the room to the other."Harold I now see where Caleb gets that walking around from. He is just like his father in so many ways. Come over her and sit down. There is nothing that we can do to fix this tonight. We are going to have to wait until the morning to do anything.""You told me that you have a copy of the police report that got delivered to Joey's house when you were there with the lock smiths. Joey keeps forgetting to get it from you. Could you get me that police report please?"Helen had no idea what Harold needed the police report for, but she got up and got it for him. She handed to him as she lay down. Harold put it on the night stand, turned off the lights and went to bed.The next morning Harold got up and went into his office early. Harold went into his chambers and pulled up the ruling that the judge in El Paso made. He printed it and went down to the judge on duty for the weekend.He knocked on the chambers door once he got there. The judge looked up and waived Harold into the office. He sat down behind is desk as he looked at Harold."What can I do for you, your honor? It is weird to see you in here during the weekend.""I am sorry to bother you Glen on what is more than likely a busy weekend. I need a favor from you and I need you to be able to do it today.""Name it and if I can do it I will.""You know my son is gay?" Glen shook his head up and down. "Well he finally got his first boyfriend and he is really in love with this kid. I met him and I like him as well. But a problem developed in the last week and I need to get it taken care of."Harold handed the file he just printed to Glen. Glen opened the file and looked it over really quickly. "This ruling was done in Texas on guardianship of a minor child. The parents lost their guardianship of their son. What does this have to do with your son and his new boyfriend Harold?""Glen, the minor child in those documents is my son's boyfriend. I don't know the full story how he landed up here. What I do know is he moved up here with his mother and uncle. The father is deceased under questionable circumstances.Last Tuesday his mother and uncle waited for Joey to get out of work. She told him that his father that he knew was his father isn't his father. His father is actually his uncle.""That means if it can be proven, this ruling is worthless. It will take months if not a year to get this all sorted out. Why doesn't the minor child just take it back into the court system and let it work for him again? The worst that can happen is the courts give guardianship over to his real father and not his mother.""There are several reasons why we cannot have that happen. In the mean time the uncle and the mother can move back into the house. There is nothing that free teen squirt porn Joey can do about that. He paid for that house and the first week they were here. His uncle beat him so bad that the cops were called in and arrested the uncle."Harold handed Glen another file. Just like the before, Glen looked it over quickly. "This will go a long way on getting his uncle found unfit, but once again. Why doesn't the minor child just put it back in the courts system? Who cares if the uncle and mother move in for the mean time? If the uncle hits him again, it will help his case.""Okay let's put aside the house and living arrangements for a minute. I believe the main reason these two are doing what they are doing is for the money and nothing else. Joey is worth little over ten million dollars and his mother and uncle want it.""Wow, wait a minute here! How did a teenager his age get that kind of money without involving his mother and father?""He received a life insurance and savings of his aunt and uncle when they died. What I understand is that they got porn on teen titans killed in a car crash caused by a drunk driver. Anyways, his ex-boyfriend's grandfather invested the money for him. After the investments paid out, he ended up with that amount of money to his name.""I would like this ex-boyfriend's grandfather to invest my money for me.""No lie, I would like that as well. He knows what he is doing because he made his grandson and himself a lot of money. They just bought all the McDonald's in El Paso. This guy truly knows what he is doing when it comes to making money.""By the sounds of it, the uncle, who could be his father, has broken the restraining order. Why don't I send out a warrant for doing that? With him behind bars, there should be no worries about the money and living arrangements.""You teen latin free porn know as 80s teen porn well as I do, he will get out with a slap on the hands in days. Even if he doesn't, he can give power of attorney over to his sister in law. They don't care about the minor child, they just want the money and that is it."Both of the judges sat there banging their heads against the wall. They couldn't figure black teen porn free out what they can do in order to stop Beth and Dominic on getting their hands on Joey's money. Finally, Glen popped out of his seat."Okay this is what we can do and it can go into effect immediately. You become the attorney of record on behalf of the minor child Joey Alvarez. You filed in front of me to temporarily remove the guardian rights of Dominic Alvarez. Of course I grant your motion on that. We also put into effect several restraining orders against both them.Now this will hold until they get another judge to rule on it, but you porn teen models can keep it tied in the courts for years. I know all of us will keep delaying the hearings. We back up our own no matter what. In return, by the time it gets in front of a judge, Joey is an adult. It gets thrown out because he is of age to make his own decisions.""Yes, this will work. Joey's mother has already lost her rights as a parent and we temporarily take away the rights as a parent to Dominic. Neither of them can actually touch Joey's money at all nor move back into the house."Harold and Glen filled out the proper paperwork and signed them. Harold thanked Glen as he walked out of his chambers. He went down to the police station and got an officer to take him over to aisan teen porn Beth's and Dominic's apartment.As they arrived at the apartment complex, Harold walked up to the apartment with the officers behind him. He knocked on the door and waited. Beth answered the door and invited them in once she saw the officers."Ms. Beth Alvarez, my name is Harold Evans. Is Dominic Alvarez here ma'am?" She shook her head as she called out for him. He walked out of the bedroom and joined them in the living room."Mr. and Ms. Alvarez as I was saying, my name is Harold Evans. I am a judge here in the Alamogordo county, at the same time I am Joey Alvarez's attorney. I just filed paper work earlier in court dealing with your son.You told him that Dominic Alvarez is his father. In return I filed to temporary remove his rights as a russian porn teen guardian over the minor child. Just like you ma'am and your late husband, Mr. Alvarez doesn't have any say over the minor child Joey Alvarez. Of course you can hire an attorney and place a motion in front of judge to set aside this judgment.At the same time I asked the courts to put restraining orders on both of you. Mr. Alvarez if you break this restraining orders again, you will be arrested. Your bond will be revoked and you will spend the rest of the time behind bars until you go to court. Remember I am a judge and I will make sure you don't get another bond.""I don't know how Joey keeps free teen sluts getting attorneys like you. No matter what we do, you will make sure we will not get anywhere with it. Beth should have never lost her rights as a parent or should I. Joey is just a little spoiled fag that cannot deal with someone telling him what he needs to be doing."At that point the detective that was investigating the robbery walked in. He looked around and smiled at what he is seeing."Hello, I heard that my favorite thieves are getting a visit from a judge. I had to come and see if what I heard is true. Now that I see it is true, it doesn't surprise me one bit." The detective walked free teen fuck porn completely into the apartment looking straight at Beth and Dominic."You guys are making enemies where you shouldn't make them. I warned you to stay away from your son and his house. You didn't listen and now you have a judge on you. That isn't good at all.""Detective do you know these individuals?" Harold turned around and faced the detective at the front door."Yes they robbed Joey Alvarez's house, but some how got to him. He dropped the complaint. Look around this apartment and everything in it was stolen out of Joey's house. I couldn't do anything about that, but now with this evidence I will be all over it."Harold walked up to the detective and handed him the paper work. He explained everything in it and why he is paying Beth and Dominic a visit. The detective does believe that these are that low to try and rob every red cent that Joey has. He just cannot ilegal teen porn understand why they just don't let things be since they got away with the robbery.Harold turned and looked at Beth and Dominic. "Fine I leave this in your hands. Serve this paper work to them and make sure they understand if they don't follow wife teaches teen porn it, they will be locked up. They do not want to get in front of me or any other judge in this county."Harold walked out with the several officers that came with him. They took Harold back to the police station to get his car. Harold went home with a smile on his face. He felt good that he could help someone before the injustice happened to them. Normally, the only thing he could do is sentence the person that did the wrong after the injustice.Joey went to work even though it is his day off. He asked Helen for the hours and she gave them to him. She gay teens porn hoped that eventually Joey would get tired enough and go back to his regular schedule. Now after what she found out from her son that might actually take longer than she thought it would.Joey didn't work in the video store; instead Helen scheduled him to work in the back storage area. He spent his entire shift away from the customers stocking all the shelves with the truck that came in the night before. Normally Helen has three employees doing truck and they get it done in a couple of hours, but today she only scheduled Joey.After work as he walked out of the store, Helen pulled up next to his truck. She honked at Joey as he approached his truck. Joey looked up and smiled at her. He walked over to the driver's side of the car and kneeled down to talk with Helen face to face."Joey I would like you, Fran and Alan to come down for Sunday dinner. I will not take no for an answer on this. So go home blonde teen lesbian porn and shower and get your sister and friend ready to come over. I want to see you at my home at six sharp."Helen didn't wait for Joey to respond, she rolled up her window and waived at Joey as she pulled off. Joey stood in the parking lot for a few minutes trying to figure what just happened. He has to go to Caleb's for dinner and he didn't even say he would.Joey got home and told his sister and Alan to get ready that they are going to Caleb's house for dinner. They jumped up from the couch and ran to their rooms. At least this gives Joey a night off from cooking by going down to Caleb's.Joey actually got ready before his sister and russian teen first porn Alan. As he waited for them in the living room, he turned on the television. He just kept flipping through channels until his sister and Alan arrived. He turned off the television and they headed out to the truck.Once they arrived at Caleb's, they got greeted with happy faces. Caleb right away pulled Joey to his room before he could even take off his jacket. Caleb shut the door before heading over to join Joey on the bed."I didn't think you would have come if I asked you. I am sorry for sending my mother, but I know that no one can say no to her." Caleb leaned in and kissed Joey on the lips."I am sorry for being so distant this last week with you. I just have a lot on my mind and I don't know what to do about. My mother might have won this battle and that isn't good for anyone involved."Caleb smiled at Joey as he pulled him off of the bed. Not saying a word he pulled Joey out of the room and down the hall to his parent's room. He knocked on the door, before opening it. As Caleb and Joey walked in, Caleb's father walked out the bathroom."Just the two young men I wanted to see before dinner. How are you doing there Joey? You have my son and family a little worried about you.""I am doing okay considering everything. I am sorry for getting everyone worried about me. You guys shouldn't worry about me. I will figure out how to get through this rough patch I am going through right now.""You and my son are together and that means you are part of my family. So whenever one of my family members is hurting, we all are hurting. In this family we pull together and help out each other whenever they are in trouble.Now with that said, I need to say this before I continue. Don't get mad with Caleb on telling us what is going on with you. My wife has a way on getting things out of people when they don't even want to talk about it." Harold started to laugh as he sat down in the chair that he pulled from his desk."I don't know if you know what I do for a living. I think if you did, you would have come to me for help. I am a judge and have been a judge for little over eight years. In those eight years I have seen good and bad people in front of me.I hate it when I see someone appear in front of me for a mistake he or she would normally not make, but did. They did it because they had no other choice but to do it due to circumstances in their life that had changed quickly on them. Still I had to sentence them according to the law and I hated that.This morning, after speaking with our son last night, I went into the office and pulled the judgment that was made in Texas about your parents. I also pulled the pending case against you uncle. I walked down the hall to another judge's chamber.Since I am somewhat personally teen slut involved in this, you know you being my son's boyfriend, I cannot rule in any way on this case. That is why I went to another judge for help. He is s good hot girl teen porn friend of mine and we talk about cases a lot.Anyways, we sat there trying to figure out how to help you. We finally came up with a way to handle this legally. I put in front of Glen several motions ranging from temporary taking away your uncle's guardianship to restraining orders."Joey adel teen porn couldn't believe what he is hearing. He has cute teen sex seen Jacob go through all the legal stuff, but he has never done it. His aunt and uncle made sure if anything happened to them before Joey became an adult, he would be protected. So he knew if he is going to keep his uncle and mother from getting what he has, he would need to go to court."I really don't know what to say on what you said. I never had to take care of all this hard stuff. My ex was always the grown up and took care of on everything. He made sure I never had to worry about this stuff."Joey started to cry realizing once again what he left. He really screwed up and can never go back to fix it. Caleb moved close to Joey and held him until he got control of himself. Harold just looked on to his son as he comforted his boyfriend."Your ex sounds like a very caring and smart young man. You may not have him in your life anymore, but you have us. We will help you no matter what happens between you and my son. I really don't think anything is going to happen, but I wanted to ensure that you understood we are here free teen movies porn for you.All I need you to do is sign a couple pieces of paperwork. The first set is that you hired me to be attorney of record. I back dated that paperwork to last Wednesday. The next couple pieces are what I did today.I don't want to bore you about everything in them. Just remember that basically it took the rights over you away from your uncle for now and then put restraining orders on both of them. I just want to let you know that the removing of your uncle's rights of guardianship is temporary and he can hire his own attorney. But I give you my promise that I will do everything in my power to make sure he doesn't go anywhere with it."Joey got up and headed over to the desk to sign all the paperwork. He didn't ask any question about what he is signing. He only scanned the documents to make sure there isn't any amount or giving over his rights to his money or freedom.After signing the paperwork, they headed out to porn teen girls join the others for dinner. For the first time all week, Joey smiled and laughed with the others. He spoke more during dinner than he did all week. Everyone noticed the change in Joey after meeting with Harold. Helen felt relieved that things got fixed and the Joey they know has returned.After dinner, Joey and Caleb walked out to the back yard to be together. They teen girls naked porn sat down on the dead grass to look up into the sky. They moved so close together in order to keep body heat going between them. They both at the same time reached out to each other and grabbed each others hand to hold.Helen walked out and called the boys in. She couldn't believe they went outside without their jackets and blankets. As they walked in Helen sat them down in the kitchen."Look I cannot afford to have either of you sick. Not only would I need to find someone to work for you. I will have to take care of both of you. You two are smarter than this, so please use the heads above your neck and not the ones between your legs."Joey and Caleb couldn't help but start laughing at what Helen just said. Helen realized what she had said and started to laugh as well. She couldn't believe she actually said what she was thinking. Normally she is able to filter her thoughts before they come out.Everyone spent the rest of the evening in the den watching television. By twelve, Joey told his sister and Alan to get ready to go. Joey french teen porn and Caleb have to work from nine to five tomorrow and they need to get some sleep.Fran and Alan walked out before Joey to the truck. Joey looked around to make sure that Caleb's parents and sister is nowhere to be seen. He grabbed a hold of Caleb and pulled him into him. Joey put his hand through Caleb's flat top as he leaned into kiss him. Neither of them wanted to break the kiss, but knew they had to so Joey could get to the truck and warm it up."I can not explain in words on how much I am falling for you right now Caleb. I never thought I could ever again love someone like the way I love you. I really hope like your father said that we are together for ever."Caleb pulled Joey into him even more. "I am not going any where Joey. That I can promise. I am glad that you are not angry with me on going to my mother. I just couldn't stand by and sexy teen sapphic porn watch you hurting the way you were hurting.""I cannot get mad with you for helping. We will learn about what each of us will get mad about if we talk to another about it in time."Joey kissed Caleb one more time and left. He jumped into the truck to find Alan and Fran in the back trying to stay warm with body heat. He couldn't help but laugh as he started the truck and pulled out.The next morning the boys went back to their same routine. Joey picking up Caleb for work and they played around in the video store when there weren't any customers in the store. teen porn pic post They put on the movies they wanted to that just came out.Since it is New Year's Eve, Caleb and Joey made plans to go to Caleb's house to ring in the New Year's together. So As soon as Joey dropped off Caleb after work, Joey went home teens slut like the night before to get ready. amateur porn teen Fran and Alan of course got ready as well.They got to Caleb's house in time for dinner with Caleb's family. After dinner Caleb and Joey went to Caleb's room to have alone time instead of going outside like the night before. They don't want to get into trouble with Helen again.They both took off their shoes and lay down on the bed, side by side. At first they didn't even hold hands, and then that changed. They held hands and before they knew it, they started kissing each teen pussy spanking other.Both Caleb and Joey got free teen lesbian pics hard instantly as they rolled around on the bed. Caleb has never had free teen boys porn sex and Joey hasn't had sex in over a month. Neither of them has jerked off in that same time and that is unusual for them.Joey found himself moving his hand down Caleb's chest, to his waist. Caleb didn't stop Joey as he started to fool around with Caleb's belt. Just as Joey got the belt undone, he jumped up from the bed and sat down on the edge of it.Caleb porn free gay teen at first had no idea what is going on. He first thought he did something wrong to make Joey stop, but then he thought no way. He got up and moved to the edge to sit next to Joey to see what had happened."Joey what is going on? I want to be with you and I know that you want to be with me. I cannot only see it in your eyes, but I can feel it in your groins as well.""Caleb I want your first time to be perfect. You will always remember your first time and trust me when I say this to you. You want it to be a memory that will teen amateur porn last all of your life. You don't want to look back and hate yourself for doing it just because we were both horny.I already had my first time and I always look back to it with a smile. We both did it when it was right and that we can really enjoy it. I want you to go through the same emotions that I did. I really want you, but not at the cost of making a mistake that can hurt us."Caleb just looked at Joey as he spoke to him. He saw in his eyes that he really meant what he said. Joey really loves him and wants him to feel everything that he felt when he did it the first time. Joey doesn't want anything to destroy best teen porn xxx his relationship with Caleb."Thank you Joey for caring this much, but shouldn't it be my choice when I am ready. I love you Joey and I know that I want you so bad. I am not saying real teen porn that we go all the way the first time, but we help each other get off."Joey smiled as he fell back on the bed. Caleb crawled on top of Joey and pinned his arms against the mattress. He started kissing Joey in the forehead and making his way down to Joey's lips. Caleb opened his mouth to let Joey stick his tongue in.Caleb reached around with his hand and started feeling around until he reached Joey's dick. He wrapped his hand around Joey's dick through the jeans. Joey started to moan into Caleb's mouth the moment Caleb wrapped his hand around Joey's dick.As Caleb broke the kiss, he got off of Joey. Caleb dropped to his knees between Joey's legs and went right to his waist. He quickly undid Joey's belt and then the buttons debbie teen porn to his jeans. Caleb separated the flaps to look for the first time at another guy's dick.Caleb gently pulled out Joey's hard, leaking dick from his boxers. He looked down at the dick in his hand and smiled. Caleb started to lick the tip of Joey's dick to see what the pre-cum tasted like. He liked the taste and wanted to know what Joey's cum would taste like.He free daily teen porn tried to take Joey's hard dick all at once, but landed up gagging. He pulled out Joey's dick in order to catch his breath. Without a word from Joey, he tried it again. This time he slowly took Joey's dick into his mouth until he has the entire dick in.He started slowly going up and down Joey's dick until his mouth got use to the size. Once his mouth adjusted to having Joey's dick in it, he started to gain speed. It didn't take long for Joey to reach climax."Caleb I am about to explode, please Caleb take my dick out of your mouth. I am going to explode any minute, please." Joey lifted his head as he whispered to Caleb.Caleb didn't want to let go of Joey's dick. He wants to taste Joey for the first twins porn teen sex time. He didn't have to wait much longer. Joey started to explode into Caleb's mouth. It caught Caleb by surprise even after Joey had warned him. He didn't think a person could shoot that much that hard and that fast. Caleb tried to swallow it all, but a lot of it leaked out of his mouth. Caleb started to think that he had broken Joey. He thought that Joey would never stop shooting.Once he did, Caleb let Joey's dick slip out of his mouth. He loved how Joey tasted so much, he licked up all the cum that had leaked out of his mouth onto Joey's groin and lower stomach. Joey tried to pull Caleb up, but he would leave Joeys groin area until he had licked up every drop of Joey's cum.Once he felt that he got everything, he let Joey pulled him up onto the bed. They started to kiss and Joey could taste his cum in Caleb's mouth. This time Joey broke the kiss and went down to Caleb's mid section.Joey couldn't wait to get Caleb into his mouth. He quickly undid his belt and then the buttons to his 501 jeans. Joey pulled Caleb's jeans down to his knees and then went to pull Caleb's underwear off.Caleb's dick sprung out and hit his lower stomach. Joey porn teen fucked quickly got between Caleb's legs and grabbed his dick. He rubbed his thumb over the head of Caleb's dick as he looked down Caleb' blond cubic hair, nicely cut.Caleb started to shiver all over as Joey rubbed the head of his dick. If Joey doesn't stop, he is going to cum that very minute. Joey removed his finger and replaced it with his lips. Just like Caleb, Joey started out slow and gained his speed.It even took Caleb less time then Joey to reach his climax. Unlike Joey, Caleb didn't warn that he is homemade young teen porn about to shoot. He couldn't stop moaning and flipping and flopping around his bed as Joey sucked him off.As Caleb started to shoot into Joey's mouth, he grabbed a hold of Joey's head. He pushed Joey's head even further down on him. Joey had Caleb's dick so deep into his mouth, as he shot. The cum actually shot right down his throat. Not a drop of cum leaked out of Joey's mouth as Caleb shot his load.Once Caleb finished shooting, Joey let Caleb's dick slip out of his mouth. He got up and crawled up next to Caleb on the bed. They both starred up at the ceiling of the room, holding each others hands, catching their breath.Caleb turned on his side to face Joey, out of breath. "I will never regret having my first teen 17 porn time with you Joey. I am falling as heavy in love with you as you have told me that you are doing with me. I loved every moment we had this evening and cannot wait to do it again with first timers teen porn you. Maybe next time we can do it after a date and go all the way."Joey still unable to catch his breath, swallowed. "I am glad that you and I met Caleb. Put aside what your father did for me, I don't know where I would be today if I didn't meet you the first week I moved here. I do miss Jacob, but you are the one that I want to spend my life with. I am not falling in love with you anymore! I have already fallen head over heals in love with you Caleb."Once they did catch their breath, Caleb got up and looked around his room for a towel. Not finding one, he pulled out a couple white t-shirts and handed one to Joey. They both cleaned themselves up the best as big boob teen porn they could.They pulled up their pants, tucked in their shirts, and made sure they didn't look like they just gave each other a blowjob. Caleb combed his hair and handed Joey the comb in order to do the same thing. They looked at each other made sure there isn't one thing out of place. Helen could spot a hair out place a mile away.Once they felt they took care of everything, they joined the others in the living room. As they walked in, everyone looked up at Joey and nubile nude teen Caleb, but went right back to the movie. The only light in the room is the television and that isn't enough to see anything.The boys sat down on the floor next to each other in front of the television. They grabbed each other's hand as they adjusted to watch the movie. Once they got comfortable, Fran handed Joey a bowl full of popcorn.Ten minutes before midnight, Harold turned off the movie and turned the TV to watch the ball fall in New York. He got up and went to the kitchen. When he returned, he had a bottle of wine with wine cups."I am going to give you guys just a little to ring in the New Year's. Helen and I of course will have our usual." Harold turned and kissed Helen on the lips.All of them stood up and faced the television. They started counting down the final seconds of the nineteen ninety one. Just as the ball fell, everyone in the house started to hug each other, wishing each other a Happy New Year as they went around the room.Joey and Caleb wrapped their arms around each other as my latin teen porn they kissed each other. Everyone else just looked at these two kissing. Helen and Harold know that these boys are in love, and hope. Their love will make through the test of time, just like theirs.After drinking the tiny bit of wine in their cups, they sat down and watched the rest of the movie. Once the movie ended, Joey woke up Fran and Alan in order to go home. As they walked out to the truck, Joey and Caleb kissed once more.Just like the teen porn private sites nights before, Joey couldn't sleep. This time he is bothered by the thoughts of Jacob. He finally gave up on sleeping and pulled himself out of bed. He walked over to Alan's gay nude teen porn room and walked in. He made his way to the bed, gently shook Alan until he woke up. Alan rubbed his eyes trying to figure out who is waking him up."I am sorry for waking you Alan! I need a favor from you." Alan just starred into Joey's eyes not showing any kind of emotions. "I need to take care of something in El Paso. If I don't do this, I will not be able to sleep. latina teen porn forum Can you take care of the house and my sister while I am gone? Also please don't tell my sister I went back to El Paso."Alan shook his head up and down as he lay down again. Joey got back off of his knees and went back to his room to get dressed. After he got ready, he jumped into the truck to make one more stop before leaving town.Joey drove down the street that Caleb lives on. A few houses down Joey stopped and got out. He didn't want to wake up Caleb's parents. It is only Caleb that he wants to talk with. Joey went around to the side of the house to knock on Caleb's window.The light turned on in Caleb's room and Caleb opened the curtains. Half asleep, Caleb smiled as he opened his window. Rubbing his eyes, trying to wake up, Joey stole a kiss from Caleb. That woke him up from what he thought is a dream."I couldn't sleep at all Caleb! I still need to take care of something before I can actually put everything of my past in the past. Can you get out and take another trip with me to El Paso. This time it is going to be just an teen dvd porn tv up and back trip."Just then Caleb's door opened and his father walked in. "Caleb, son, who are you speaking with at your window so early in the morning?" Harold made his way to the window and looked to see Joey there."Joey you need to learn to use the door. You are welcome to come down any time, night or day. Just use the door next time.""Sir, I raven teen titans porn am sorry for waking you up. I tried to be as quite as possible. I need to take care of one last thing in order to put my past in the past like I was telling Caleb. I want him to come with me if that is possible.""First Joey, I am a light sleeper, with very good hearing. So that means I hear everything that goes on this house. Now with that said, Caleb go ahead and get dressed that way you can go with Joey. You guys are lucky that you have today off. Just be careful and be back as early as possible this evening."Joey hopped down from Caleb's window and went to get his truck. A few minutes later, Caleb came running out of his house. He jumped into the truck with Joey. This time it is Caleb that stole a kiss from Joey as he started driving away.As soon as they got to he out skirts of Alamogordo, Caleb had fallen back to sleep. Joey grabbed a hold of Caleb's hand and wrapped his fingers around Caleb's. They held hands the entire way. Also, Caleb didn't wake up until they reached the out skirts of El Paso."I see sleeping beauty finally woke up! Welcome from the dead handsome, I don't know if I would have been able to wait much longer for you to wake up." Joey leaned over as Caleb leaned in to kiss Joey.As they made their way into El Paso, they stopped at the Village Inn off of the freeway. This time the boys ate inside instead of in the truck. When they started eating, Joey explained what he wants to do, and Caleb didn't object.Joey got up and walked over to the pay phone by the bathrooms. He dialed his old home and hoped that Jacob would answer, not his grandfather or the others in the house. It rang a couple of times, and then a familiar, tired voice came tiny teens porn across the line."Hello, um, hello Jacob, this is Joey. Please do not hang up on me. I know I deserve that, but please do not hang up on me." Joey just heard sniffling on the other line. "I am sorry for calling you, but I want to meet with you if that is possible. If possible, away from the house, with no one except you and me!"Jacob finally spoke. "Where do you want to meet at Joey?""I am thinking up Mesa Street at the Chevron gas fat teen porn woman station, in thirty minutes. If that is okay with you Jacob?""I will see you there in thirty minutes alone. You better be alone as well. If you mother or uncle is with you, I will drive right by." Jacob hanged up the phone on Joey.Joey returned to his table to tell Caleb the meeting has been set. Joey paid for the food as he and Caleb left the restaurant. Joey drove up to the gas station before Jacob got there and let Caleb out. Caleb walked over to the bench at the side of the store.Joey got back in his truck and about five minutes later. He saw Jacob's car drive up behind his truck. As Jacob got out of his car, Joey got down from his truck. The two boys walked up to each other, not saying a word. They just looked at each other, waiting each other out to see who would speak first. Joey is the one that broke the silence."Jacob thank you for meeting me. I know you and I know that your mind is telling you this isn't a good idea. Thank you for ignoring that and nude teen males still coming down.""Look, you called me to meet and I am here. What is it that you need or want? You left me over a month ago, and I haven't heard a word from you. I am putting me life back together finally."Jacob started to cry as he choked out the last words. He tried not to show that Joey is still hurting him. That he really misses him, but he is moving on. It would have been better if Joey didn't call or ever come around again.Joey is torn on wanting to grab a hold naughty teen titans porn of Jacob and hold him. He wants to console the guy that he fell in love and hoped that he was going to spend the rest of his life with. But instead that was not in their cards."There is nothing I can say to you that will ever explain what I did. So I am not going to try and tell you what happened. Maybe one day these emotions will no longer be there and we can talk. If that day ever comes, I will tell you everything that happened that made me make the decision that I made.I just want you to know that I love you so free teen farm porn much Jacob. I never fell out of love with you. Through the years I know that I hurt you so much. You always gave me the benefit of the doubt, not matter what was before you. I never deserved you, and I want you to know that Jacob. I never deserved you in my life."Jacob turned away from Joey and really started to cry. He started to think that he made the decision on coming down here and meeting with Joey. He is barley moving on, and Joey is opening wounds that are not even closed yet."Please Jacob; I am not here to hurt you anymore than I have already done. I just cannot keep going on without talking with you...""Fuck you Joey, fuck you! You have always thought that every thing and everyone is here for you. No matter what you do, you are the innocent one in everything. You were never the innocent teen seduction porn one. In fact you were the one that caused everything, just like now. porn teen ass lickers You kicked me to the side and walked off for no reason at all. Fuck you Joey, just fuck off!"Jacob started to walk towards his car when Joey grabbed a hold of his shoulder. Jacob knocked Joey's hand off and continued walking to his car. As Jacob got in and started to close his door, Joey grabbed a hold of the door."If you do not move you fucking hand, I will teen porn sixteen close my door with it in it." Jacob stuttered with tears rolling down his cheek."Jacob I am not here for me natural nude teen only. I know now that I was in popular teen porn the wrong on everything. After I came back from my parents in Phoenix, I made mistake after mistake with you. I should have never come between you and David. You two would have been a great couple together, but I loved you too much.You will always be my first love Jacob! No matter who we get with in the future, you will always be the one I measure everyone to. Jacob you will have my heart always. I know you free naked teen porn cannot forgive me right now, but I hope. In the future you can forgive me.A day doesn't go by that you are not on my mind. Every time I close my eyes Jacob, I can only think of you. I want you to know by leaving you that day, has put me in a prison. A prison that I have built and sentenced myself to.I am just trying to make things right. I didn't come down here hoping that you take me back. I know I have lost you forever. I just hope that one day we can try to become friends. I love you Jacob and will always love you."Joey let go of Jacob's door and shut it. Jacob started his car and drove off unable free teen porn gallory to control himself from non-stop crying. He couldn't see clearly due to the tears rolling out of his eyes, so he pulled over on a side street to collect himself.Joey stood there watching Jacob drive off. He started to cry knowing that it is over. He saw for the first time in Jacob's face that he will never take him back. Jacob loves him still, but not in the boyfriend way anymore. Joey knows without a doubt that Jacob is moving on with his life. A life that doesn't include him anymore.He walked back to his truck and got in. Caleb walked over to the truck to find Joey crying. He moved all the way over in order to pull Joey into him. Joey fell into Caleb's arms and started balling uncontrollably. He didn't say anything as Caleb held him.Somehow Joey cried himself to sleep. Caleb gently moved Joey over to the passenger's side of the truck. He got out and walked around the truck to get back in on the drivers side. Caleb started the truck, before putting it into drive; he pulled Joey over to him. He laid Joey's head onto his lap where he could crest his forehead as he sleeps.Caleb got on the freeway to start the young teen cheerleader porn trip back home. Every so often, Joey would actually start crying in his sleep. Caleb reached down and crest his forehead until he stopped crying. He decided to keep his hand on Joey's forehead that way. Joey will know that there is someone that is here that loves him.Just like Caleb earlier, Joey didn't wake up until they drove into the city limits of Alamogordo. As Joey woke up, he didn't know where he was. He hit his head on the steering wheel as he jumped up. Caleb kept control of the truck when he did that."It looks like I have been asleep the entire way back home. Thank you Caleb for driving back. I know I wouldn't have been able to drive for while." Joey looked out the window fifeteen teen porn as they exited off the freeway."Not a problem at all Joey. I wanted you to rest anyways. You drove up, and to be fair, I should be the one to drive back. More so since we are taking the trip in one day. Do you want to go to your asian teen college porn house and I can call my parents to pick me up there.""No it is okay to drive to your house. I can drive home now. I do really appreciate that you went up with me nude teen girl pics to El Paso. I know that I keep putting you in very uncomfortable positions. Thanks, Caleb, for being there for me today and all week. I know I keep saying this, but I really do mean it. I can now move on without second guessing myself."Caleb turned on his street and parked several houses down. "I need you to get back behind the wheel. I have my learning permit only. My parents made it clear that I am only allowed to drive when they are in the car."Caleb and Joey got out of the truck and walked around it. Just as they passed each other, Joey pulled teen titans hot porn Caleb into him. He started to laugh as he looked into Caleb's eyes. They started to kiss right there for the entire world to see them."I don't know if anyone has told you Caleb before, but if so. Let me reconfirm what they have said to you. You are one cute ass guy and I am so happy that you are mine. I will never leave you and I hope you will never leave me as well." Joey leaned back in and started to kiss Caleb as he squeezed his butt.Caleb started to laugh as Joey squeezed his butt. They stopped kissing and got back into the truck. Joey drove it down the street until they reached Caleb's house. Caleb got down and waited for Joey to come around filipino teen nudes the truck. Once Joey walked around and reached Caleb. They grabbed each other's hand and walked into the house holding hands.Before they even had a chance to take off their coats, Fran came running out of the living room. She walked up to her brother to see if he is okay. Once she saw that Joey is smiling, she slugged him several times in the stomach."Don't you ever leave without telling me that you are leaving or where you going. Don't get mad at Alan, I made him tell me where you went. I was really worried about you Joey; don't do that to me again." Fran walked over to Caleb and hugged him."Thank you for going down with my brother. He needed to see Jacob and speak with him. That is the only way he could burma teen porn move on!"Just then Helen popped her head into the hallway and smiled. "Good you guys are back in time for dinner. Go up and wash up before dinner. It will be ready in five minutes, so don't fool around up there."Joey and teen japanese girls porn Caleb looked at each other and raced to the bathroom. They both slammed into the door frame, trying to get in before the other. The both squeezed through at the same time. They washed up and headed back to the kitchen.No one asked how the trip went. They can see it in Joey's eyes that he got another thing behind him. This move messed up a lot in Joey's life and it is taking time for him to get everything straighten out.After dinner, Caleb got permission from his parents to stay the night over at Joey's house. They said yes, but with the same rule. The rule that they don't sleep in the same bed. They agreed, like before, and headed out.On the way back to Joey's house, Joey remembered that Alan is now sleeping in the spare room. black teen porn students That means that he is going to have to give up his bed to Caleb. He has no problem doing that, just as long as he can spend time with Caleb.As soon as they walked into the door, Fran and Alan went to their rooms, leaving Joey and Caleb in the living room. They sat down porn teen dogs pic in the dark and didn't even turn on the television or lights. They just leaned against each other holding each others hands. Before they knew it, they dozed off to sleep.All week Beth and Dominic discussed their chances on getting what they want. They decided they were not going to give up on getting their hands on Joey, Fran, the house and the money. By Thursday they decided to fight Joey every inch of the way by getting their own attorney, but they know that they need to do a few things first.The first thing they decided on is to get Fran. Right now they cannot get no where near Joey, but Fran is different. There is nothing in the court documents that has her named or states that Beth lost her guardianship over her daughter.Dominic and Beth decided to pick her up from school on Monday. If she refuses to go, they will take her kicking and screaming. There is nothing that Joey or his attorney can do about that.The second decision they decided on is on how they will be able to get around the 18 porn teen judge and Joey. They will move out of the county in which this judge has friends. If they live in another county, Joey is going to be forced to go in front of another judge in another county that will be impartial.In the mean time, Dominic decided to prove that he is Joey's father by taking a DNA test. Once that comes back his way, which they know it will, he will go in front of a judge and take control of all of Joey's affairs.Even if Joey doesn't decide to move in with them, they have control of everything. Dominic and Beth decided once the courts decide in their favor, they will sell the house for what ever they can get. Leaving Joey no other choice but to move in with them!The minute Joey returns to them, they will take away his truck and enroll him in a special school that treats kids that are afflicted. Afflicted with the disease that Joey has and that in their minds is homosexually.Once Joey is cured of his affliction, they feel they can put the past in the past where it belongs and move on. Joey will give them grandchildren like they want. He will get married with a wife and live a happy life like every hardcore russian teen porn other regular person.The rest of the week flew by quickly for the boys. Joey and Caleb worked their regular shifts and spent the evenings and nay free time together. At work when there were no customers, they were close, closer than any normal male to male worker would be. If any one walked in on them, they would see there is more then a friendship going on.By Sunday, Joey and Caleb didn't want their vacation to be over. Most of it was filled asian teen porn videos with drama of one kind or another. Just the last week they actually spent time together. They did more than talk and kiss. Nothing more then they did on New Year's Eve, but they got close emotionally. Through the last week they learned more about each other than they learned in the month they have known each other.When they woke up on Monday and got ready for school, none of them knew what is planned for them today, more so Joey and Fran. They hated the day because their va0cation is over and they have to go back to school.As soon as the day is over, they are going to hate the day for an entire different reason. Joey, Fran and everyone that knows them will have their lives changed. Their lives will be changed by the hands of a greedy uncle and a mother influenced by that uncle through the blinded love she has for him.Joey, Fran and Alan got into the truck and headed over to pick up Caleb for school. Although they hatred that their vacation is over, they were very talkative the entire way to Caleb's house. Once Caleb joined the group, the truck got even livelier.TO BE CONTINUED...WRITER'S CORNER:{This chapter dealt with a lot in during the weeks of the kids Christmas vacation. I know I promised not to use cliff hangers at the end of my chapters and I have stopped them in the most part. porn teen clips In this chapter I left it off kind of in a cliffhanger. I didn't do it intentionally, but I couldn't find a cut off point. If I continued with the chapter, it would not find a breaking point for another five or more pages at least.I started this chapter where I left off at the end of chapter four. Joey got another surprise from his mother, and he couldn't find his way out of it. He said it himself that he never had to deal with the hard stuff, Jacob always dealt with that.Caleb is proving himself every time we turn around. This guy showed us that he teen group sex free loves Joey, and it isn't the money, because he doesn't know anything about it. He truly falling for Joey, that he wants to help him for all the right reasons. So when he talked with his mothers about what is going on, he wanted help for the both of them. Also remember in chapter two he promised his mother when things get rough, he will tanned teen porn go to her for help.I know I never angelic teen girl porn introduced Harold before this chapter. I free teen porn forum might have hinted around that Helen is divorced, but as you saw in this chapter, she isn't. Harold is not only an attorney, he is also a sitting judge. He loves his son just like Helen, and is willing to do what ever it takes to keep Caleb happy.I know I will get some readers that will say thing like this doesn't happen in the way I wrote it. I try my best to stay according to the law, but if I do that, I will bore the readers. Either they will stop reading the stories or skip over major sections of the story. That is why I write these plots the way I do. It is fiction and it is to keep the readers, reading.Now we had our first sex scene in this chapter. It wasn't going all the way, but it was sex. I have gotten a couple emails from readers upset that I moved Jacob and Joey on so fast into other relationships. Just as I said in the paragraph before this one, it is fiction. If I wrote the way it actually happened, Joey getting with a girl at first and having his kids and Jacob going a year without dating, again teen xxx porn video the readers will tune off.I really liked the way Joey was with Caleb for their first time. Joey wanted Caleb to be for sure. He didn't want Caleb to regret it later on. Joey made it clear that he doesn't regret his first time, and that is what he wants for Caleb. Caleb told Joey he will never regret him being his first time. I really do believe that Caleb means that.Now to the ending I know this is one weird ending for this chapter. After being served their paper work, Beth and Dominic isn't going to go away quietly. In fact they are going to make as much noise as possible.We see what they have planned; I really don't think they are going to get away with it. Joey has too many good people around him and his sister that will protect them. Also I don't think they will get away with it, because Dominic and Beth are forgetting something. Dominic has pending charges and he is out on bail. The guy cannot leave the city limits of where the charges are pending.One last thing here everyone! I am going to give away a plot in the story. A plot I will start to put in the next chapters. Keep an eye out on Fran and Alan. Remember that Alan is deaf, but he isn't gay. Soon there is gong to be fireworks in the house not just Joey's and Caleb's. So keep an eye out on those two. There is always a reason I put in new characters in every one of my stories.We are now getting plots to open in this story that will get you guys to return every week. So much going on right now and the story is barely beginning. I know the story doesn't have much sex in it yet, but it will get some soon. I hope other than that, you guys like where the story is going.I do not want to say too much more and spoil the future chapters to come, so I won't. I warn you though! Do not skip a chapter, or you will be lost. There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacobmillertexaol.com, Thanks!}EDITOR'S CORNER:My two college majors (History and Geography) plus my Political Science minor have made me into a "news-aholic" with a lifelong interest in people, society, government, etc.Thus the legal and social issues so much a part of this story, fictional though it may be, keep my attention at a high level. The issues are too often found in 'real-life', Thank you Jacob for sharing your stories with us--and me.My worries about Beth seem to have been well-founded! But being able to fulfill one's misguided plans takes knowledge, common sense, and resources. She seems to have little of any of these right now. But can she still cause trouble? No question about that , but can she do it without digging an even deeper hole for herself and her brother-in-law lover is another major question!Jacob porn teen nudity reminded us that Alan, although he has no hearing, is not without normal teen creampie incest porn human feelings and needs. And he is also straight. Sounds like a good subplot being hatched!Another subplot blonde teen 18 porn that may well be developed further as the boys return to school wet teen pussy from their vacation will be the ROTC program and the chance for Joey to become a peer leader here in New Mexico! But will Caleb's friends resent their buddy having a new friend? Maybe a chance to show up those "longhorners' from Texas will result. Who knows? Who or what might get `cut'---verbally, physically, emotionally? What impacts might occur? Must the boys beware of a back door somehow?Please write asian teen ass to Jacob with your ideas, reactions, etc. He does really want them and he forwards nude hairy teen them teen spanish porn to me as well. Don't miss Chapter 6! I think it may have some real surprises for us all!Kent D. (sw Ohio area)
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